Journey to Awesome: Ground Rules, and Goals to Success

I thought a lot this past weekend about how I am going to track the several ideas I have regarding my journey to Awesome.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I want to be able to break down several character traits I wish to master, and be able to track them over a period of self-improvement.

While I haven’t totally figured out the details of my tracking system, I do want to set some ground rules so things can’t get out of hand.

Self-Improvement Ground Rules

Keep it Easy.  I want to ensure that everything can fit on one spreadsheet, and it will take no more than ten minutes a day to update.

Track Progress.  It should be able to be graphed.  Everything can be quantified.

Reward Successes.  If I meet a long-term goal, I will reward myself somehow.

Don’t Worry About Failures.  Failures are lessons.

Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed.  The paradox of self-improvement is that one can be down oneself while improving, that is to say, why are we improving if we are already happy?  I am already happy in my life, this is meant to push the boundary.  I want to enjoy life while improving it.

Now, onto the master list.  Note that I will be adding and taking away from this list, but for now, I will be tracking each and every one of these:

The Master List of Self-Improvement

  • Moderation
    • Don’t Drink as Much at Bars
    • Stay Within a Budget for Lunches and Dinners
    • Say No at Work and at Home
  • Humility
    • Don’t Brag
    • Ask Questions More Than I Answer Them
    • Don’t Tell Stories When People Don’t Ask
  • Energy
    • Wake Up Earlier to Enjoy the Day Before Work
    • Drink More Tea
    • Drink More Water
  • Organization
    • Keep To-Do Lists
    • Have an Organized House
    • Track Progress of Goals
  • Health
    • Don’t Eat Take-Out
    • Get a Regular Checkup
    • Don’t Track Fitness – Just Be Fit
  • Stability
    • Make, and Keep, an Effective Budget
    • Buy a House
    • Have a Hobby
    • Create Zen Habits
  • Zen
    • Read Classics
    • Decrease Facebook/Email Noise
    • Drink Less; Smoke More Weed
  • Love
    • Be a Better Boyfriend
    • Make an Effort to Know My Family
    • Keep in Constant Contact with Good Friends
    • Enjoy Sex
  • Style
    • Learn Style
    • Have a Hook
    • Care About Work Clothes
    • Stay Clean
  • Adventure
    • Integrate Outdoors in My Life
    • Engage in More DIY Projects
  • Leadership
    • Have a Mentor, in More than One Area
    • Be a Mentor
    • Be Involved in the Community
    • Engage in Politics that Matter
    • Build Revenue from a Business I Start
  • Growth
    • Grow My Blog; Engage and Connect Readers
    • Reward Myself When Completing Tasks and Milestones

Some Other Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about tracking a lot, and I’ve got a system underway that will be both transparent and public.  I want everyone to see what I’m doing, and I want to be accountable for what I’m doing.  I think I may browse a few self-help books at Chapters to see what some prominent authors have done in the past (see, the mentor thing is starting already!).  Anyway, stay tuned, and enjoy the week readers.