Starting Something New

Ok, folks – if you couldn’t have guessed by now, this blog has to do with a little something about being in your mid-20’s.  So what does this stage of your life consist of?  I’m going to delve into several categories here, each of which I’d like to touch on in this blog:


  • Starting, or ending, a long-lasting relationship
  • Getting comfortable with sex, your sexuality, and having sex
  • Getting married


  • Entering financial freedom
  • Paying off student loans
  • Buying the stuff you’ve always wanted
  • Realizing how much debt you have
  • Entering into long-term debt (i.e. buying a house)
  • Starting (and sticking to) a budget


  • Starting a career
  • Realizing that your job is shit, and you want to do something about it
  • Moving up the ladder


  • Starting, and sticking to, your hobbies
  • Moving to a new city
  • Balancing your job, friends, family and that special someone, all while leaving time for yourself

… and Finally:

  • Grappling with the idea of getting older

That’s quite a list eh?  Well, unfortunately, it happens to everyone in their 20’s.  Some people deal with it, some people need help, while others just ride the waves and just don’t even think about it.

This blog is to help out with some tips and to share some thoughts about how to get over that hump of getting older, and how to have fun doing it.  Sex, relationships, money, careers, lifestyle, it’ll all be here.  Hope you have fun reading it as much as I’ll have fun writing it.